About Me

Hi ya all, my (model)name is Count vlAD and I’m a Dutch alternative model but modelling isn’t my only hobby, so let’s do a little walk-through. But first I would like to thank you for visiting my humble blog page, so THANK YOU !!

As you already have been reading one of my hobby’s is alternative modelling, I have a great passion for gothic/victorian themes, burlesque, steampunk and the day of the death (La Muertos), but I’m always open for new things and styles. I started modeling not so long ago but it’s has been fun all the way. I was lucky to already have been working with some very talented photographers.

Vampires have always been one of my favorite supernatural beings, and so my alter-ego Count vlAd came to life.
As a fantasy lover, you can also find me at different renaissance-festivals and fairs. The amazing costumes and great entertainment makes every visit fantastic and worthwhile.

But let’s look a bit further because it’s not only modelling that I do. First I want to thank a very special person in my life.


Elisa our story started in 2016 at a festival and ever since that day you rock my world!
There’s a proverb that, “Behind every successful man there is a woman”. It’s 100% true. Only for you, I’m here today.
Thank you so much for always believing in me, I will always cherish and protect you.


I just love


A well-known proverb “Music is Life!” for me is so true, ever since I was a kid, music has been very important in my life.