Beardcare by BarbersBay

On this show I want to take you to the beautiful southern coast of Hampshire in Great Britain. Hampshire is the perfect blend of city, coast and country. Blessed with the natural beauty of two National parks, a thriving culture, with history and heritage at its heart.

In this beautiful landscape we find a company called “Barber’s Bay” producer of colognes, balms and oils and I was lucky to do a review on some of their beard products.

First I want to humbly thank you for this great set you sent me. I just can’t wait to start testing the goods.

So what’s in this package:

Whipped beard Oil
  • a limited edition box filled with 5 great fragrances:
    “Poison” – “Bat Bite Blood” – “Slug Slime” – “Sea Serpent” – “Spider Bite Venom”
  • Wool of Bat – Magic
Beard oil:
  • Skull Powder

All of the products come in nice can’s and bottles with just the most freakingly awesome “alchemy/apothecary” style labels and the cool names immediately caught my lovely wife’s attention. (sorry guy’s I’m just a sucker/geek for this kinda stuff)
So the packages are outstanding quality and cool, I’ll rate it with a 9 out of 10 keep up the good work!

The last 2 weeks I’ve been testing the oils and different whipped oils on a daily basis, and here’s my review:

  • Skull Powder, with Moroccan Argan Kernal, Linseed, Grape, Agar Wood Oils will keep your beard top notch!
    The refreshing but very masculine scent will definitely give you that freshly feeling all day long.
Whipped Oil:
  • Wool of Bat, Cocos oil, Cera Flava (Beewax), vitamin-E and Heartwood Intense scent.
    You just smell the fresh woods in your beard of awesomeness!
  • Slug Slime (beard & stasche), Cocos oil, Cera Flava (Beewax), vitamin-E and Smokehouse Honey scent.
    For me the bbq beardedcook the perfect scent of smokey bbq with that sweet pitch of honey!
  • Poison, Cocos oil, Cera Flava (Beewax), vitamine-E and Coconut Limewood scent.
    Let’s say it’s a day at the beach, rocking the waves!
  • Spider Bite Venom, Cocos oil, Cera Flava (Beewax), vitamin-E and Tropical Woods scent.
    Do you remember that island in the tropics, well this is that ultimate vacation feeling scent guy’s!
  • Bat Bite Blood, Cocos oil, Cera Flava (Beewax), vitamin-E and Oud Wood & Rose.
    This cinnamon/black pepper with roses scent makes my day it’s a very manly but romantic scent.
  • Cpt. Nemo’s Sea Serpent, Cocos oil, Cera Flava (Beewax), vitamin-E with Spiced Bay Rum.
    Hey it says “RUM” so what can go wrong, one of my personal favorites great scent all over it!

For me all the “Whipped Oils” worked out just perfect, and I’ve got some great compliments on the scent of the oils. I love your products guys and i’ll give it 8.5 out of 10 and will definitely recommend it to everybody. Barbers Bay is on my top 5 list for sure!

I can see you guys putting on silly faces now – “what the heck is whipped oil”

I put a full review about the different oils, whipped oils, balms in my other post but in short a whipped oil is a complete different blend of materials they use more oils and less butters. Whipped oils are light, and ultra-conditioning for your beard but leave a little more shine to it.