Beardcare by Barbam

Stormy weather outside, the perfect time to grab a mug of steaming hot coffee and take a look at the grooming products created by Original Barbam…

It has been a while since I ran into the brand “Original Barbam”. Although I did not think that such a care product would make so much difference to my “cheap” and “chemical” products that I already used. But after using my “cheap” products for a while I noticed that my beard became more and more drier and started to itch more, not to mention the increasingly uncontrollable model.


With great beard comes great responsibility
Time for a bit of science about the beard, and soon I came to the conclusion to leave all that “chemical” junk behind me and look for organic, pure and natural products. And that’s where my story begins, but first a little introduction; who are those guys behind the brand and company “Original Barbam”.
“Original Barbam” a brand that started est. 2014 by three bearded brothers, who share their passion, knowledge and enthusiasm in creating awesome care products. Their statements: “only use natural products” – “great masculine scents” – “combine the right oils and butters” to create a must have beard elixir for every beard. Their story about their mustache and beard problems are completely in line with my story.
We tried some local products but that didn’t work out well for us. The stache was still out of shape, the beard out of point and so on. The dissatisfaction of those products made us decide to create our own beard products.
So it’s time to check out their website/shop and my compliments on that “job well done” it’s a very freshly looking and clear site! These guys don’t only sell great beard care products, but they also have a nice assortment of hair care products and some kick-ass merchandise.
The care of my precious started with “Original Barbam”
Dark beard oil, a scent of masculinity with natural cinnamon,crafted for real men. (barber)
Original beard oil, that scent of Mediterranean which contains pine needles and fresh citrus fruits. (online)
Dark beard balma scent of masculinity with natural cinnamon, crafted for real men. (barber)
From the moment I started using the products, I noticed after a few days that my beard felt great and kept perfectly in shape throughout the day. For me, “Original Barbam” is one of my personal favorites and comes in my top 4 of beard care products.
So to all my bearded brothers, check out this website and get some poison and elixir for your beard at ORIGINAL BARBAM