Ink Masters: Meester van de Lage Landen

Okay! brothers & sisters some weeks ago I registered as a living canvas for the Dutch TV-show “Ink Master – Meesters van de Lage Landen Shop Wars” by SpikeTV.

It’s an ordinary Sunday afternoon as I got a phone call from the producer/studios that they selected me as one of their canvases. A few minutes pass ……… (gotta get a grip of myself) Oeh yeah!!!! I’m so excited.

Monday 28th of January

It’s late in the afternoon and me and my beautiful queen are on-route heading to the studios in Hilversum. Today I’m introduced to the remaining last 4 tattoo shops, and I may choose which shop will do my tattoo…..
It freaking cold in the old and industrial style warehouse where the TV-show recording takes place. But its fun to see how such TV-shows are being recorded and the people are very enthusiastic about today’s show.

After some rehearsals it’s time for the real thing and I made my choice after a small meet and introduction with the 4 remaining shops……. “FEARLESS” tattoo was my choice, so it’s time to pick the design and have a little talk about the Tiger that I choose.
After talking to Jio and Laura from “FEARLESS” tattoo I was very excited and went home with a big smile on my face, time to get some sleep and prepare for the next day.

Tuesday 29th of January

It’s 05:15 in the morning time to get up, fix me some coffee and tea for the lady take a shower and get ready for a fantastic day.
Time to hit the road, “INK MASTER” here we come. We left nice and early so that we were not bothered by traffic jams and so we could eat a nice sandwich on the way.

Around 09:00 we drive into the parking lot at the studios and we are warmly welcomed by the team. But because Dennis the TV-Host is still stuck in traffic we are told that we will start a little later than planned. Time to get some more coffee! and meet the other human canvases and having a blast!

But finally around 10:30 we can meet our tattoo shops and things are for real now, time to prepare for a 5 hour tattoo job without any pauses, hell yeah they have to work hard to get this done within time. It’s so very cold inside the studio but I don’t care, let’s do this.
Meanwhile we go through the final design, I take off my shirt and take a seat on the chair where I will spend the next few hours.

Jio will take lead and start the tattoo on my back shoulder! Jio and Laura will have to swap places every hour of the show so it’s important they plan how to do their activity’s. So time to sit down and shut up.

Here’s a little review about the tattoo artists.
Laura Jio

Laura is a 21 y/o artist from Den Haag.

Since she was a teen she loved drawing & art and once she found out about tattooing she became obsessed with it and decided to take it up as a career. She started her apprenticeship with Fearless in 2014 and has developed her own style combining realism & dotwork. In 2015 she won 1st place at the Dutch Ladies Tattoo Convention for a black & grey portrait. She still enjoys drawing and is always busy creating new design concepts.

Jio is a 22 y/o artist from Den Haag.

He started his apprenticeship at Fearless in 2013 and has been focusing on Black & Grey realism. He likes to tattoo portraits, animals and flowers and appreciates the importance of contrast and working with the body to create the perfect flow. When he’s not tattooing he’s on his BMX and has been lucky enough to travel Europe to compete in various competitions.

….. time passes….. more and more ink flows……then whooooshhh 5 hours done.

Damn i’m smashed and a little tired, but can’t wait to see the end results of their hard work. But i’ll have to wait for a while, there are photo’s taken, jury has to take a look, more photo’s need to be taken……. but then the moment of truth, how does a five hour tattoo look like?…………….. oh my, oh damn, this….. this is just valhallatasticly awesome oh my god you guys this is fantastic i’m speechless!!

Jio and Laura from “FEARLESS” tattoo did an unbelievable job THNX! for me the true champions of this contest.
Meantime I viewed all episodes and for me you’re guys are the true Winners!!

I want to say thanks to SpikeTV / Ink Master – Meesters van de Lage Landen Shop Wars for the opportunity to join the TV-show, Dennis Weening, Robert Aalbers and Vinnie Stones for all the fun and laughter. The whole floor team for the great support, food and drinks. And last-but-not-least FEARLESS – Jio and Laura the tattoo artists for this masterful tattoo you both nailed it BIG THNX!!