Ayreon – Into the Electric Castle

We write the date 30-01-2019 when we come home from work and there’s an package at our doorstep.
Oh yeah is it, is it ………. Yeah! it is. The long awaited Christmas present arrived from our pre-order in Junly 2018. So let’s start unwrapping and see what the end-results are of this 20th anniversary remixed album.

“Into the Electric Castle” is a progressive metal album that first saw it’s light in 1998 by the Dutch multi-instrumentalist Arjen Antony Lucassen, and it’s his 3th album in the Ayreon project.

The album tells a dynamic sci-fi story featuring over the top exaggerated characters, and features an incredibly diverse array of musical styles, including progressive rock, metal, folk, electronic, psychedelic, pop, gothic, blues and jazz. The end result was blasting and with critical acclaim and sold well.

So now we are the proud owners of this beautiful extravaganza 20th anniversary 3D sculpted and framed box, pressed on 3 pieces of 180 grams gold marbled vinyl and a download card, 4 cd’s 20th anniversary remix + remix instrumentals, 1 DVD 5.1 anniversary remix and documentaries and a signed certificate of authenticity by Arjen.

side 1side 2
01.Welcome to the new Dimension01.Amazing Flight
02.Isis and Osiris02.Time beyond Time
side 3side 4
01.The decision Three01.The garden of Emotions
02.Tunnel of Light02.Valley of the Queens
03.Across the rainbow Bridge03.The castle Hall
side 5side 6
01.Tower of Hope01.Evil Devolution
02.Cosmic Fusion02.The two Gates
03.The mirror Maze03.Forever of the Stars
04.Another time, Another Space
Title:Into the Electric Castle
Gerne:Progressive Metal
Carrier:180gr Gold plattered vinyl 20th anniversary edition
Label(s):Mascot Label group
Released:2018 - 10 - 28
Purchased:2018 - 07 - 19 pre-order
Store|Event:Mascot Label Group
Added to Discogs:yes