The Dead South – Illusion & Doubt

It’s must have been a few months ago that I first heard of these guy’s “The Dead South” and I must say I was very surprised by the sound.

The band was initially formed in 2012 as a quartet in Regina Saskatchewan – Canada by Nate Hilts (vocals, guitar, mandolin) – Scott Pringle (guitar, mandolin, vocals) – Danny Kanyon (cello, vocals) and Colton Crawfort (banjo) in 2012 Crawfort left the band and was replaced by Eliza Mary Doyle. Colton, however, is now their voice on “In Your Head” 2018 tour.


01. Boots
02. Every man needs a chew
03. Dead man’s isle
04. Smootcin’ in the ditch
05. One armed man
06. The good lord
07. Delerium
08. Miss Mary
09. Time for crawlin’
10. The massacre of El Kuroke
11. Hard day
12. Gunslingers Glory

Artist/Project:The Dead South
Title:Illusion & Doubt
Format:Black vinyl + cd
Genre:Folk - Bluegrass
Label(s):DevilDuck Records
Released:2016 - 08 - 26
Store/Event:Saturn Essen Germany
Purchased:2018 - 12 - 29
Added to Discogs:yes