Northward – Northward

It’s been just a few weeks ago since I heard of “Northward” a band formed as a side project by “Floor Janssen” lead singer of Nightwish and “Jørn Viggo Lofstad” guitarist of Pagan’s Mind. So my lovely partner in crime just had to order a limited edition on vinyl (what else) as we both are huge fans of Floor Janssen and we both where very surprised by the complete different style and sound.

It is quite different from what we are used to from Floor. Yet it sounds fresh and proves the winner of the Buma ROCKS! Export Award that she is an all-rounder. The first half is rocking nicely, second half is more changeable than the first, which constantly offers a very pleasant level. Highlights on side b are the groovy and swinging, where you can not sit still.

For me this album just works, it’s hardrock, its groovy and melodic all put together in one album and last but not least very pleasant to listen to.


01. While love died
02. Get what you give
03. Storm in a glass
04. Drifting islands
05. Paragon
06. Let me out
07. Big toy
08. Timebomb
09. Bridle passion
10. I need
11. Northwards


Gerne:Limited transparent green vinyl (limited to 250pcs)
Carrier:Nuclear Blast
Released:2018 - 10 - 19
Purchased:Nuclear Blast
Store|Event:2018 - 12 - 04
Added to Discogs:yes